Each of our classrooms, K - 12 is staffed by a US-trained and qualified classroom teacher certified in their content area. Most of our staff is from the United States, while we also have one teaching staff member from Ecuador. We maintain a 16:1 student to teacher ratio. All of our classes are taught in English with the exception of foreign language classes which are taught in that language.


Our elementary students attend specials each week. These include art, music, physical education, and computers. Additionally, they have a two-hour literacy block each morning along with a daily section of Bible. Our kindergarten is a full-day program that begins at 8:15 am and finishes at 3:32 pm each day.


Our secondary students attend classes for 8 periods each day. Classes are 47 minutes long and includes English, science, history, math, foreign language, and Bible. Additionally, students can choose a variety of elective classes including fine art, computers, physical education, and other electives offered by our teachers. Past electives include: Digital Photography, Drama, Yearbook, SAT Prep, Adobe Photoshop, and Biblical Greek.

NorthStar Academy

We also offer a co-educational online environment through our sister school, NorthStar Academy. All classes are equally accredited and calculate in a student's GPA. Each student is required to have at least 0.5 credits of online coursework.