We follow a modified North American calendar. Our school year typically begins the first week of August and ends around June 20. The first semester ends sometime during the third week of December. Since this is during the Peruvian summer our second semester does not start until the first week of February. Normally we have a 6 1⁄2 week break from both the Peruvian summer (Dec/Jan) and the US summer (Jun/Jul).
Usually, students from Southern Hemisphere schools who finish a grade in their home country in December will augment their learning with an additional semester at the same grade level at ICS-Lima. Normally a student is not immediately promoted to the next grade level, as it would mean skipping a full semester of that year’s work.
ICS-Lima follows a North American curriculum preparing students to go to the USA or an English-speaking country for university. In the secondary program ICS-Lima offers many Advanced Placement (AP) courses with students taking the AP tests in May. Ninety-five percent of ICS-Lima students taking these tests score high enough to receive university credit for the course when attending a US university.
Most of our students go to the USA for university. However, we have had some go back to their home country of Korea for University. Our graduating class of 2013 scored an average of 1852 (Critical Reading 604, Math 630, Writing 618) on the SAT test which is one of the best averages in Lima if not the best.
Thank you for completing the application. ICS-Lima follows a North American curriculum preparing students to go to the USA or an English-speaking country for university. ICS-Lima is accredited by two US agencies: AdvancED (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). All classes are taught in English besides the daily Spanish classes. Our school is primarily for international families or for Peruvian students returning to Peru after being overseas in an English environment; however, a second track is being developed for Peruvian nationals who wish to attend ICS-Lima and Peruvian universities.
The deposit is only refunded if the student is not accepted and offered a seat at ICS-Lima.
Yes, since our school is made up of mainly expatriates, the average stay for an ICS-Lima family is only three years.
Applications are accepted throughout the school year. Students from expatriate families arriving in-country may be accepted at any time depending on available space in the grade or program (EFL or Sp. Needs). As an international school we have expatriates arriving throughout the year. However, the beginning of each semester is the largest and normal time of acceptance. Students may apply to start at the beginning of any semester at any time of year. Seats are offered for the new school year to qualified students in two rounds: May and July. Seats for semester 2 are offered in January. Admissions decisions will be guided by the language, academic readiness of the applicant and considerations to achieve balance in the student body. Priority will be given to siblings, native English speakers, proficient English speakers, expatriates and children of alumni.
Yes, the application for enrollment is not complete and therefore not sent to the admissions committee until all items have been submitted.
8:05 am     the first bell rings and students enter their classrooms
8:15 am     the tardy bell rings and anyone not in their seat is tardy
3:32 pm     the end of school bell rings and students are dismissed for pick-up or clubs
3:45 pm     the after school program begins with clubs, sports, EFL and Peruvian program classes
5:00 pm     the final bell rings and those participating in after school activities are dismissed
No, at the current time parents have contracted a couple of drivers to bring students to school from the Surco, La Molina areas. We can provide a phone number for these drivers to see if they have room in their vehicle and that you live in an area they can service. Most of our parents choose to live near the school and then bring their children to school themselves.
Yes, the school has a standard uniform, a chapel day uniform and a uniform for Physical Education days. The uniforms are sold at school on Mondays from 2:00pm until 4:00pm.
Yes, all textbooks are included. However, students need to bring school supplies like pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc. A school supply list may be found on our website in the Documents > Supply Lists area.
Yes, we are a small school with a loving family atmosphere and would love to meet and talk with you.