One of the hallmarks of the academic program of ICS-Lima is its commitment to helping students have success in the journey towards being productive citizens. One aspect of that is providing assistance to students who either qualify for or elect to have a quiet environment in which to receive tutoring, dedicated study time, or accountability in their assignments. Students can voluntarily utilize this service at any time. Some students, however, are required to have this service. For those students, the following policies are in place:

Academic Intervention is a safety net designed to help students in grades 6 – 12 who are in jeopardy of either not receiving credit (grades 9 – 12) or being retained (grades 6 – 8) due to failing grades. For the purpose of figuring grades for academic intervention each F on a student’s report cards counts as two points. An accumulation of four points places a student in grades 6 – 12 on academic intervention. The school administration will inform the parents and teachers of any student being placed on academic intervention. Students on academic intervention will be required to attend the afterschool study hall and will not be able to participate in afterschool clubs or sports. The afterschool study hall supervisor will help monitor student grades and help the student develop positive study habits. Grades will be analyzed at the end of each quarter. Students with 4 or more points will remain on full academic intervention. Students with 2 points will be required to attend study hall for only two days each week instead of the full four, this allows the student to participate in one afterschool club. Students who have improved their grades and no longer have any points will be on probation for one or two quarters. Probation conditions vary depending on the student’s academic history, attitude, and the range of improvement seen. Probation conditions will be determined by ICS-Lima administration and could include any of the following: once-a-week afterschool study hall, meetings with the guidance counselor or other staff member as assigned by the administration, limitations on participation in after-school clubs and/or sports. The school administration will inform the parents of the conditions of probation.

The goal of academic intervention and probation is to assist struggling students in developing the habits necessary to pass all classes. In order to aide in this process, teachers are asked to make sure missing homework is entered daily in RenWeb so that students know how to study during this time. There should be enough information posted in RenWeb that the parents and study-hall supervisor can effectively help the students. Teachers are to stop by the after-school study hall at least once a week to communicate with struggling students.